Tar & Chip **UPDATE**

Beginning late July or early August 2021 the Delaware Township Supervisors subcontractor Russell Standard Corporation will be applying bituminous seal coat, tar and chip, in the following developments. Clear Meadows, including Quarry Drive, (Sampsell’s Development), Delaware Heights, (Blessing Development), Spring Lake Crest, Walnut Street and Walnut Court, (Wesner Development).

At the time this bituminous seal coat is being applied no vehicles will be permitted in the roadway. After the seal coat has been applied, vehicles will be permitted to drive on the surface. In approximately 7- 10 days after application, the subcontractor will return to vacuum any loose stones and then apply a sealant to the remaining stones. This application dries in about 45 minutes.

The subcontractor will begin vacuuming the loose stones from roadways beginning this afternoon, August 19th. We are currently on the schedule for the final application to be applied on Tuesday the 24th and Wednesday the 25th. Please refrain from parking in the roadway. Also, please understand that this schedule could change depending on weather.

When you observe the subcontractor beginning to stock pile materials at the Dewart Park in the parking lot we should be getting close.

Please continue to check back to this message as it is a fluid situation and updates will be posted as more information is received. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.