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Dentler Road Bridge

The bridge located on Dentler Road between Route 54 and Schreck Road will be closed by the Northumberland County bridge crew for replacement beginning on Monday, July 28th.  It is anticpated that it will take three weeks to complete.

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Eighth Street Construction

The first phase of the Eighth Street Drive road construction project has been completed. In the coming weeks the milling and the paving portion will be started.  After that the roadway will be sealed with a bituminous seal coat.  Phase 3 will be announced when a solid date is received.


The application of bituminous seal coat, or, "tar and chip", as the final phase of the project may begin on Friday, July 25th or Monday, July 28th.  THis will be weather and contractor dependent.


The contactor has made notification that they will begin the bituminous seal coat around noon on the 24th and continue through the end of the day on Friday the 25th.



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Northern Neighbors Sewer Project

Connection Reminder

As we can only hope and anticipate, spring will soon be here.  With that said, residents within the Northern Neighbors Sewer Improvement project are reminded that you are to be connected to the new system no later than July 8, 2014.  A tapping fee of $3,500 is required and may be paid at the Delaware Township office during normal business hours.  The check or money order may be made out to DTMA.  Upon receipt of the tapping fee, you will be issued your permit.

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A service for the community

Welcome to Delaware Township Northumberland County Pennsylvania.  Delaware Township is located in the very most Northern area of the County.  It is served by the Warrior Run Area School District, Warrior Run Area Fire Department, and the Pennsylvania State Police. This website was developed for the purpose of making information about Delaware Township easier to access. If you have any questions, please take time to contact us.